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White Zombie Strain

White Zombie Strain

White Zombie is a half and half marijuana strain that is impeccably adjusted among Sativa and indica impacts – with a slight incline towards indica. Its smell and fragrance are suggestive of sweet spices and margarine.


THC levels rest around 15-19%. Its high will make a feeling of euphoric energy, permitting the purchaser to follow through with responsibilities productively as innovativeness is increased. As far as some might be concerned, this strain can stimulate. Others note a desensitizing or warming body impact that makes torment disseminate. Many can concur White Zombie is a decent strain decision to assist with facilitating the manifestations of stress, nervousness, torment, and, surprisingly, gentle discouragement.


Other than run-of-the-mill dry mouth and eyes, White Zombie might cause discombobulation or distrustfulness when consumed in high portions.


History of White Zombie Strain

The beginnings of White Zombie are significantly bantered among the weed local area, with many basically accepting it was reproduced by a Rob/White Zombie fan. Hereditary qualities are as of now obscure.


White Zombie is an Indica prevailing mixture strain, yet just somewhat so. The proportion here is around 60% Indica, 40% Sativa. With regards to hereditary qualities, it is broadly accepted this weed strain imparts similitudes to the Zombie OG. Nonetheless, there are other people who just believe its maker had a genuine enthusiasm for Rob Zombie, henceforth the name. Regardless, one can’t deny how extraordinary the strain is.


The THC proportion is around 15-19% yet what will captivate you to purchase White Zombie is its sweet, rich taste and tension diminishing impacts. The White Zombie strain could be great for clients who experience the ill effects of pressure, uneasiness, fits of anxiety, persistent torment, melancholy, or who essentially need to get some rest. The individuals who purchase White Zombie online in Canada and utilize it consistently portray its belongings as being profoundly unwinding and equipped for freeing manifestations from wretchedness and nervousness for as long as seven days all at once.


Cannabinoid Amount
THC 15-19%


Pros and cons of using White Zombie Strain

The strain instigates a euphoric head high that might mitigate episodes of frenzy, outrage, stress, and apprehension. The head high is joined by a loose and practically desensitizing body high, which will cause you to feel warm all through, torment free, and which generally finishes as a quieting rest. Whether or not you experience the ill effects of a sleeping disorder, purchasing White Zombie online can be really smart essentially to ensure you get a decent night’s rest.


In spite of the fact that it very well may be utilized securely during the day, when White Zombie will permit you to play out your day-by-day obligations without feeling anxious or terrified, the strain will combine most magnificently with your evening and evening time exercises. Both the head and body highs last longer than with different strains, permitting you to enjoy your top choice, ‘apathetic’ leisure activity side interests more than ever, and afterward fall cheerfully snoozing.

Appearance of White Zombie Strain

The nugs are spade-molded and timberland green in shading. They are thickly stuffed and radiate an exceptionally sweet and woody fragrance. White Zombie has been portrayed as tasting to some degree like an older style, excellent stogie.


White Zombie develops into a medium-sized plant with long, dark green leaves and is the most appropriate for a middle-of-the-road cultivator. This magnificence will prosper inside or out with a blossoming season of around 9 to 10 weeks or late September to early October for collecting. The plants are impervious to most shapes and molds and are a high-yielding dream.

Taste and Aroma of White Zombie Strain

The flavor profile of this strain is exceptionally sweet and nutty, with a rich completion to it. When finished off with the pitch layer that each nug has, clients, remark that the strain is suggestive of syrup on flapjacks on a fresh, harvest time morning. This, obviously, adds to the euphoric high White Zombie has. Purchase White Zombie online from our store and partake in an extraordinary encounter.

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