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Melonade Strain

Melonade is a unique Sativa dominant hybrid class of cannabis plant that was firstly grown in the United States. As time passes it became popular around the globe that mainly popularized by AlienLabs who carry this Melonade strain in the Cannabis cup in 2018. At the cannabis cup in 2018, it wins first prize because of its uniqueness, vibrant aroma, a flavorful profile that makes it healthy and light, and becomes more cereal high. Basically, it is a cross-breed of watermelon skittles and lemon trees that was firstly produced in the US by the agricultural department. Melonade strain is very suitable during daytime or early afternoon smoke. It contains an average THC concentration of around 25%. 


As compared to other Sativa dominant flowers, plants Melonade strain are short, shout and shaped like spades. The color of the Melonade strain is neon green that most suitable for gardening purposes or even on the shelf in the dispensary. The color of the Melonade strain is changed according to variations in temperature which makes it darker green and provides a more unique and unimaginable color. These plants are surrounded by orange and redbuds and the flowers

of Melonade strain are having a layer of colored trichomes which makes its flowers look like they are having a coating of gold. 

Effects of Using Melonade Strain

  • Focused
  • Relaxed
  • Social


Why Use Melonade Strain?

Melonade strains are very useful during the following conditions-

  • Depressed
  • Anxiety
  • insomnia


THC Content

Melonade Strain has the following THC content- 

  • Highest Test         27.5%
  • Strain Average      25.5%
  • Sativa Average     13.5%
  • Lowest test          23.6%


The smell of Melonade strain is quite delightful means when the buds of Melonade strain explode the aroma is melon scented like spices or lemon or melon. According to a survey, Most people stated that the taste of the Melonade strain is quite similar and flavorful. It has a sweet fruity flavor with a sour taste like lemon and fresh like a melon. 

Working of Melonade strain

Melonade strain contains high cerebral values but it is not pronounced as the cerebral high product. It provides a relaxing state to the body and necessary physical relief to complete any work. When you feel that your body is losing a relaxing state so just smoke it to do or finish the goal. As above stated that is it most suitable during the daytime whenever you are full of tiredness.

The aroma produced by the Melonade strain is light and the taste produced by its flowers is beautiful. As soon as you take it, you feel that relaxing state in your mind with a creeping cerebral high flavor. After taking this, all the negative thoughts or doubts are deleted from your mind and your mind is replaced with pure happiness you feel the energy from all the directions and are able to focus on the work with more attention. In this state, nobody can stop you from doing your work and achieving the target. Melonade can be easily available in the marketplace or nearby shops.


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