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Purple Skunk Strain

Purple Skunk is an inspiring Sativa-predominant strain that offers clients a perceptive and dependable high. Because of the idea of its belongings, the Purple Skunk strain is great for daytime use.


Purple Skunk by prestigious marijuana reproducers Dutch Passion is a tremendously well-known strain with powerful impacts. Aside from its impactful fragrance, it has a few champion highlights.


What Is the Purple Skunk Strain?

The Purple Skunk strain is a Sativa-predominant half and half strain with a 3:2 proportion. One of Purple Skunk’s ancestors is Skunk #1, while the other is an obscure purple strain. A champion component of the Purple Skunk strain is it offers an extraordinarily dependable and elevating high.


Along these lines, to appreciate it to its fullest degree, it’s fitting to consume this strain promptly in the day. While invigorating, most clients say that this strain additionally ingrains a wonderful sensation of unwinding. As Purple Skunk offers a suffering and perceptive high, it might help the individuals who need to zero in on a specific undertaking for a drawn-out period.


Purple Skunk’s different and wide-running impacts make it an extraordinary multipurpose strain. As this strain is a state of mind upgrading, numerous sporting purchasers portray it as an extraordinary social strain to appreciate with companions. Then again, therapeutic clients could profit from Purple Skunks’ belongings.


Aroma of the Purple Skunk Strain

Obviously, with a name like Purple Skunk, this strain has an impactful skunky scent counterbalanced by better notes. Clients say that it has a harsh grape-like scent that gives this strain an unmistakable fragrance.


Flavor of the Purple Skunk Strain

Purple Skunk has a sweet berry-like taste implanted with natural notes on the breath, making for a wonderful smoke. A few clients say that Purple Skunk has a rich, nearly wine-like taste, making for a one-of-a-kind encounter. This strain’s skunky flavor is most unmistakable on the breathe-out.


Appearance of the Purple Skunk Strain

A Purple Skunk plant becomes exceptionally tall and can reach up to 85 crawls in tallness. The nugs are little to medium in size. As you would anticipate from a strain called Purple Skunk, this strain has profound purple shades. To envision the profundity of shading this bud has, envision a profound, tempestuous ocean during nightfall, enthusiastic and brilliant in the faltering daylight. Homer’s expression, a “wine-dull ocean,” is by all accounts a fitting portrayal for Purple Skunk’s appearance.


Growth Info of the Purple Skunk Strain

Purple Skunk is a magnificent choice for home cultivators, as it is shockingly simple to develop. Purportedly Purple Skunk is impervious to most infections and shape and buildup, making it a low support strain to develop.


One thing to remember is Purple Skunk’s significant scent can be overwhelming and disagreeable for some. Consequently, you should develop it outside. The normally lower evening time temperatures will guarantee a significantly more profound purple shading during the blossoming stage.


Inside, this strain blossoms between 8-9 weeks and produces around 17 ounces of bud for every square meter. Outside, Purple Skunk plants will be prepared for collecting around mid-October and yield roughly 19 ounces for every plant.


THC Content in Purple Skunk strain

The most noteworthy recorded THC level in a Purple Skunk test was 20%. Reports of Purple Skunk’s CBD content fluctuate fundamentally. Some say that this strain ordinarily contains under 1% CBD. Others accept that it can contain as much as 2% CBD. Given Purple Skunk’s moderately high THC content, all things considered, the previous is more precise.


Benefits of the Purple Skunk Strain

Those experiencing mental problems like discouragement and nervousness might profit from Purple Skunk’s elevating, state of mind improving impacts. Clients might find this strain advantageous as a method for de-focusing and loosening up. Given Purple Skunk’s moderately high THC level, it might help marijuana purchasers to oversee persistent torment and other excruciating circumstances.


Side Effects of the Purple Skunk Strain

On the off chance that you smoke an excessive amount of Purple Skunk without a moment’s delay, you could wind up with episodes of discombobulation or cerebral pains. Furthermore, certain individuals report onsets of rather extraordinary distrustfulness and nervousness due to overconsuming this strain. Be that as it may, the most ordinarily announced incidental effects from Purple Skunk are cottonmouth and dry eyes.



The Purple Skunk strain is an incredible strain for both sporting and therapeutic purchasers to appreciate. Its high is extraordinarily dependable and elevating, perceptive, and pleasantly unwinding.


Aside from its skunky scent, its wine-like taste is an outstanding component of this strain. Forthcoming Purple Skunk cultivators can anticipate a moderately direct and low-support development, as well as liberal yields.

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