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Big smokey farms


Those are the available strains. When you placed an order, put in your choices in the comment box

Purple punch, Peanut, Oreo cake, DosiFuel, Pink lemonade, Sour diesel, Orange Float, Pie face, Pink lemon, Bruce banner, Orange coockies, Nerd, Girl scout coockies, Acai kush, Biscotti, Mojtto, Pink sorbet, Oreo cake, Fatso, Monchi, Gelato, London, Sour lato, Crazy Eight, Og kush, Lucky charm, Sherbert, Wedding cake, Gello, Gorilla glue, Quam, Forbidden fruit’s, Green crack, Ny purple diesel, Galactic bliss, Dosidos, Runtz, Gummy bear, Slurricane, Strawberry, Blue Sherbet, GMO, Gittlez, Blueberry, Mimosa, Zkittles, Gushers, Gobstopers, Quocci, Guavlate, Monana, Mochi, Gelatin

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